At New Life Dental, we can cover all your needs. From a simple cleaning to dental implants. As many of us know, we understand that having dental insurance can be expensive, but no worries, we will help you here.

We have several dental plans that you can afford. Just call us today or visit our office to get a consultation. Together we will decide on a treatment plan that works best for you!

our team

Dr. vasallo

Dr. Vasallo is a board certified plastic surgeon with over 18 years of experience in his field, and he is committed to ensuring that every single one of his patients.

Dr. zambrano

Dr. Zambrano is a passionate General Dentist with a foundation in Orthodontics. Hailing from Venezuela, she achieved her dental degree in 2012.

Milly Alonso

Office Manager

Rita Pacchioli

Office Manager

Angie Perez

Front Desk / Check In

Emely Perez

Front Desk / Check In

Adrian Vizcaino

Dental Hygienist

Yanet Iglesias

Dental Hygienist

Jessica Moreno

Dental Assistant

Giuliana Guerrero

Dental Assistant

Lianlli Infante

Dental Assistant



We employ highly recognized medical specialists with outstanding results for every patient.
Convenient Appointment Times
Our qualified specialists are always ready to provide any service, with 24 hour emergency help available.
Family Oriented Environment
We have the knowledge and expertise to provide the whole family with specialized care designed for each individual.
State-of-the-art facility
Our team uses the newest medical technological equipment and top-quality supplies.
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